Who’s Steering Your Canoe?

English: A canoe in the BWCA

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever try to steer a canoe from the front seat?  It doesn’t work!  All you do is exert a ton of energy to weave to and fro, and you get essentially nowhere.  If you’re smart, you’ll let the person in the back seat steer and guide the canoe while you just keep a steady pace.  Then, too, it’s also smart to put the strongest, most powerful person in the back – when you do so, you can actually feel the surge of power from the person behind you propelling the canoe forward while you take a break to rest your weary arms.  So…who’s steering your canoe in life?  If you’re floundering and exhausted, it’s probably because you (like me) keep trying to “steer from the front” instead of trusting God to do what He does best – provide guidance, direction, and incredible power to move you forward to the places He has called you to be.  Remember – “He’s got your back.”  Why do I keep forgetting that?!  No wonder I often feel drained and discouraged.  Today, God, help me put one foot in front of the other – keep a steady pace – and let YOU do the steering.

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