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Flipping My “Whens and Thens”

I’ve spent most of my life wishing it away. Perhaps some of you can relate. Somewhere along life’s journey, I got caught in a pattern of “when… then…” It sounds something like this: “WHEN my children are older and not so needy, THEN I’ll have time to take care of myself and pursue my own […]

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Gratefulnesss….and Prayers

Today, on Independence Day, I find so much to be thankful for… Last night, I went to sleep in peace, feeling great confidence that I would not be snatched from my bed by a secret police force and that I wouldn’t be awakened by mortar fire or explosions in my neighborhood.  Thank you to our […]

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Put on the Right Pair of Glasses (Attitude Matters)

Before I had Lasik surgery on my eyes five or six years ago, I was blind as a bat.  I couldn’t even recognize the facial features of a person standing 10 feet from me.  So… for 30-plus years, I had to wake up every morning and put on a pair of glasses in order to function […]

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