When the “Car” Blows Up

Result of a serious automobile accident

A few years ago, when I was bitter and angry that my life had seemingly blown up before my eyes, I remember a wise counselor telling me this story: “I had a car that was always in need of repair…I was always fixing something, patching something, wiring something on – it was always in the shop, and I was always aggravated, distressed, or stranded somewhere. Yet it never occurred to me to just BUY ANOTHER CAR.  Until one day, the whole motor just blew up in the middle of my driveway, and I had no choice but to start fresh with a new vehicle.  It only took a few weeks of peace and no problems for me to realize how foolish I had been… struggling and striving to hang onto something that was no longer working for me instead of just letting go of that disaster and choosing something new.” The same is true in our own lives.  At times our life can become such a wreck – either from own poor choices or from unfair and crushing circumstances – that we are just like that broken down car, limping along on our last leg, barely surviving.  We pray for relief, but things only seem to get worse…..But maybe that’s part of God’s plan to save us.  Instead of allowing us to cling desperately to the remnants of our broken life, always patching things up but never really healing, He may instead gently and lovingly allow our life to “blow up” in our face so He can give us something new and far more wonderful to move forward with.  Yes, sometimes our darkest, most excruciating moments go on to become our greatest victories. (Surely, we can look to Jesus as an example  – the greatest victory was gained through the ultimate pain and despair.)  So if you’re there in that darkness today, take heart and hold on….your “new car” may be waiting for you just around the corner.

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