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HOPE HEALING & PEACE LOGO FINALHi!  I’m Sharlene  –  Christian, wife, mom, veterans’ advocate and caregiver, speaker, blogger, and author. My passion is to share my experience, strength, and hope with individuals and families needing encouragement as they walk through life’s hills and valleys.  My journey has included some difficult trials as my husband and I faced the challenges of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, suicide attempts, addiction, and incarceration. My family’s story is one of redemption and healing — a miraculous story of two broken lives touched by God and redeemed by His grace.

 I speak to both Christian AND secular groups, offering an array of options.  

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Through this blog, I hope to provide encouragement, wisdom, and hope as you walk your own journey and face your own trials. I truly wish for this to be an interactive site where you can freely share your prayer requests, praise reports, “vents,” questions, and humor. I invite you to connect with me here by subscribing to my email list  or clicking “like” on the Facebook link (both are in the sidebar) to follow my blog and join in the conversation.

May we laugh together often, comfort each other in our heartaches, and build each other up to face whatever challenges lie ahead for each of us.

If you prefer to use Facebook as your venue, you can follow this blog plus join a community of support focused on God, recovery, and finding healthy solutions to life’s problems at my Facebook page:  Hope, Healing, and Peace  (https://www.facebook.com/SharlenePrinsenRecoverySupport)

9 Comments on “About Sharlene”

  1. Hi Sharlene — I’m a reporter in New York, where I cover military-related health and science. I’m writing a feature on recovery from addiction among soldiers and veterans, and came across your blog and book. I was hoping that you and your husband would be available for a phone interview to share your story and talk more about the book and your blog. Please email me if you’re interested…really hope to hear back, and thank you.


  2. sharlene — just came across this a few minutes after posting a piece this morning about my brother’s struggle with three decades of alcoholism … my siblings and i climbed mt. rainier this past week and i couldn’t help but connect it to the mountain he’s been climbing for all these years. i’ll leave the link, if you’d like to read. great website, by the way. very clear and easy to navigate. God has given you a story to tell, sister. praying you will have abundant opportunity to tell it … people need it. http://eventhesparrow843.blogspot.com/2013/08/mountain-climbing-beautiful-and-brutal.html

  3. I am a pastor in Northern Wisconsin, who had Sharlene & her family here to minister for a weekend. My church was truly touched by their caring and sensitivity throughout their times of ministry. If you are looking for a speaker who has gone (and to some degree I suspect still is) going through the challenges of PTSD as well as the challenges of a veteran’s return to normal life, I can and do highly recommend them to you. Sharlene and Sean are outstanding presenters. They are not professors teaching theory, they are everyday people who have lived the story they tell. Best of all, they have a sincere desire to help others who are experiencing the things they’ve gone through themselves. Their story needs to be heard, so that we can all better appreciate what many combat vets and their families experience, upon returning home.

  4. Just finished reading your book – AMAZING!!! I’m wondering if you are familiar with: “Soul Repair: Recovering from Moral Injury After War” by Rita Nakashima Brock, and Gabriella Lettini. Beacon Press, 2012. They are doing some amazing work with soldiers coming home . . .

    Thanks again for sharing your story!!

  5. Hello , just want to say thank you about five yrs ago you sent me your book as I was seeking any help with dealing with post war PTSD your book help me understand I was not alone and try to understand my husband ( ex now ) but also seek God not to lose my self I have past your book on to another veterans wife seeking help but Thank you

  6. I am just about finished with your book and I wanted to share that it is amazing. I am in own journey of recovery from PTSD and addiction (almost years sober and receiving “appropriate” treatment). Your book is inspiring and sheds light on how strong am addiction codependence is. Thank you for your candor.

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