Doubting His Grace

I always hear people say that God is able, that He is all-powerful, that he can do ANYTHING—nothing is too big for Him. And I have always felt frustrated, because I BELIEVE that, and yet my faith doesn’t always produce the results I want. A few days ago, I had the biggest light bulb moment as I was working through Beth Moore’s study, “Breaking Free.”  My problem is not that I doubt God’s power or ability… My problem is that I doubt his GRACE. I doubt that He could ever use me in any big and meaningful way. I doubt that He would choose or appoint ME for any special calling in His kingdom. I’m convinced He will wash His hands of me and find someone else who stays on track more faithfully than I do.

That’s it in a nutshell… I am arrogant enough to believe that I am the ONE person whose mistakes and imperfections are too big for God’s grace to handle—that I am the ONE person whose sins can’t possibly be COMPLETELY covered by Jesus’ work on the cross—that I’m the ONE person who has messed up so much that God has just said, “Forget her! I can redeem ANYONE— including murderers like Moses, David, and Paul and use them mightily for My kingdom… but NOT HER—she’s hopeless and not worth my time.”

That is arrogance, my friends. My way of thinking makes it all about ME, when in reality—EVERYTHING is all about God.  I will never do great things in life because of who I am or what I do or don’t do… I will do great things only because of who HE is and what HE does through me. Getting this truth into my very core will mean FREEDOM for me – and for anyone else who feels like they’re just running in place and getting nowhere.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness…” 2Cor 12:9

Cross & Clouds

(Photo credit: John H Wright Photo)

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