The Pain of Depression

“I’m so depressed today….”  How often have we heard that statement, or made it ourselves, when we were really simply trying to say, “I’m having a bad day”?  Depression is a very real — and sometimes terminal — illness, not a choice or an attitude problem.  Sometimes such casual usage of the word “depression” can innocently and unintentionally prevent […]

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Keep your raft upright!

I’ve never been whitewater rafting — not quite that adventurous.  But I have been on a simple floating raft, and I know one important thing– if you want to keep your raft upright, you need to maintain the proper balance.  The weight of the various people on the raft must be distributed evenly.  Even a […]

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Once a soldier, always a soldier

  There’s something everyone should know about soldiers —  they never stop being a soldier, even long after the uniform is retired.  I wish I had known that before I married my husband.  Not that it would have kept me from marrying him….a nuclear bomb couldn’t have stopped me back then.  But at least I would […]

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